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Hot Rolled Steel

Cascadia Metals offers a wide variety of Hot Rolled Steel products. Hot Rolled Steel is manufactured using a mill process which involves rolling the steel at a high temperature (above the steels recrystallization temperature). While the steel is above the recrystallization temperature, it can be shaped and formed easily. With Hot Rolled Steel, the starting material is usually large pieces of metal such as slabs, blooms and billets.


  • Lower Cost typically cheaper than cold rolled steel
  • Malleability looser tolerances allow hot rolled to be forced into a variety of shapes
  • Improved Mechanical Properties rolling process eliminates certain steel defects making the steel denser

Our Hot Rolled Steel meets ASTM A568 requirements.

So you can rest assured our product will meet all standard specifications per ASTM.


Pickled & Oiled
Hot Rolled Steel is also available with a Pickled & Oiled finish. By being pickled in acid and oiled, the mill scale on the Hot Rolled Steel can be removed which protects it from rusting. Picking and oiling cost is somewhere in between regular hot rolling and cold rolling.
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