Roof leaks can cause a number of headaches, and it’s important that you get this problem fixed. If you’re dealing with this issue, you likely have a number of questions, and the following guide will provide you with answers:

What are the signs of a roof leak?

There are a number of signs that will indicate you have a roof leak, and a stain on your ceiling is the most common one. If you ever notice damp spots or discoloration, you likely have a leak on your hands, so you need to investigate the source. If you notice your walls are bulging or have concentrated moisture, these, too, are signs that you likely have a leak, so pay attention to these aspects.

How do I determine where the leak is coming from?

Find the leak’s location on your ceiling as your first step and proceed from there. Once you detect its location, take a look at it from the outside to see if there are any missing items on your roof. If you see missing shingles, for example, you will know the area where the leak is coming from. If the location is hard to see, take a hose to your roof and spray around while someone on the inside checks to see if the leak resumes. This will allow you to find the location of the leak. It is also recommended that you check your attic for any openings or damaged connections to your roof, as this, too, can help you pinpoint where your leak is coming from.

How should I fix my roof leak?

It is a must that you have your leak inspected by a professional, but there are things you can do until they arrive to limit the extent of the damage. If you see misplaced shingles, purchase asphalt roofing cement and apply generous amounts to the underside of the shingle. Do this if you see curled shingles as well, and press the shingles back in place. For peace of mind, contact a professional as they will have the tools, knowledge, and skills to fix roof leaks and will provide you with the right solutions.

Do missing shingles cause roof leaks?

Missing shingles will increase the risk of a leak because this will affect the condition of your roof, and a chain reaction can occur as a result. Missing shingles will not always lead to a leak, but the possibility is there, so it’s something you need to address right away. This will decrease the likelihood of damage or leaks, so replace missing shingles as soon as possible.

Can a roof leak lead to mold?

Yes, mold can manifest after a roof leak, and this can be very hazardous to your health, so you would have to contact a professional for help.

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