A skylight can be an excellent way to add brightness and open up a room. However, if you’re not careful, skylights can damage your home and even be dangerous. How? Skylight leaks. There are several reasons why your skylight may start leaking, including:

  • Damaged flashing flashing adds as a watertight barrier and seals the skylight to the roof. Cracks or corrosion over time can lead to leaks around the edges of the skylight.
  • Weather damage the skylight’s surface can crack over time if you live in an area with frequent storms.
  • Blocked weep holes weep holes are dotted around the edge of the skylight to assist water drainage. If they are blocked by debris, condensation can drip into the home.
  • Improper installation you’ll likely notice a leak right away.
  • Lack of insulation you’ll notice condensation even on days without rain or snow. Trapped water can eventually seep through the roof.

A leaking skylight should not be ignored. You’ll be surprised how much damage a small amount of water can do once it’s in your home. Here are some common dangers of a skylight leak.

Mould Growth

As the water spreads to the wood around the skylight, it becomes a breeding ground for mould. Keep in mind that you may not see this mould. However, mould can eventually lead to respiratory and medical issues such as headaches, allergies and exacerbated asthma.

Damaged Paint

Trapped moisture can make your paint bubble or peel. It’ll also cause discolouration stains on your ceiling. Fixing the leak sooner rather than later will help you avoid large-scale repairs and repainting down the line.

Weakened Structural Integrity

Water damage is no joke, and it’s not just the structural integrity of your roof you have to consider. The moisture can spread to your walls and even to other areas of your home. You can keep your home and your family safe by taking care of the leak as soon as possible!

Other Types Of Water Damage

Dripping water can land on the floor, the counter or your furniture and damage them over time. It can be especially dangerous if your skylight is in the kitchen and if the water gets onto electrical components.

Skylight leaks can be dangerous for both your home and your family. That’s why you should do your best to prevent any future leaks by:

  • Having annual roof maintenancedon’t skip your annual maintenance appointment! It’ll help you catch and repair any signs of skylight damage and prevent later issues in the house.
  • Regular inspectionswe recommend regularly examining your skylight and sealing any apparent cracks or holes. However, if your skylight is very high off the ground, don’t risk your safety and hire a professional to do the job for you.

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